Interview with Sara Hubbard, #author of Blood, She Read

I’m proud to interview Sara Hubbard, author Blood, She Read.

1. Blood, She Read has a great structure to it and many elements; mystery, danger, paranormal. What was your original inspiration?

Gosh, it all started with one scene. Originally, a man came to Petra’s house in the dead of the night asking for Petra’s help. He was desperate to know his future, or rather the future of someone he loved. It took many false starts with this book before it became what it is now. And Dylan was originally a young boy who followed Petra around and wanted to learn magic from her. The more I wrote, the more I realized his young age couldn’t work with the story. The amount of material I cut from this story was probably upwards of 20,000 words, but it had to be done and I’m happy with the finished product.

2. How has your real life affected the setting of the story?

Well, I’ve lived in Nova Scotia for the majority of my life so I wanted to have a story set here. There are so many books out there now that are set in America and I wanted to do something different. Plus, I think sticking with what I know helped to add a little more character and realism to the story.

3. What do you think is the most magical thing about Nova Scotia?

Hmm. There are many things I love about Nova Scotia, but mostly, I love the oceans and the forests and that you can always smell one or the other no matter where you are.

4. If you could have one magic power, what would you choose?

I would love to be invisible. What fun it would be to see what people are doing when they think no one is looking?

5. What can we look forward to for Finn and Petra?

I think the next book will be a big surprise for fans of Petra and Finn, especially since Finn will be absent for the first half of the book. You can look forward to more time with Sebastian and Tommy and see some fun interactions between Gina and Sebastian. I love their relationship. It is so much fun to write. There will also be a new demon villain around too. He will make things…difficult for Petra. And for Tommy too.

6. What are your thoughts on the changing book industry, and how has it affected your publishing experience?

I love that eBooks are bigger now than they were five or ten years ago and that self-publishing is gaining more respect. This has opened up a lot of doors to people who might not have otherwise been noticed and/or published. It gives authors more options and more bargaining power and, hopefully, keeps more of the profits in the authors hands where they belong. Most of us authors write because we love it. Unless you’re a NYT bestseller, chances are you will have to have a second job to pay your bills (I’m one of those authors). This is a hard business so it’s nice to see the industry moving in a direction that helps the authors.

Many thanks to Sara, and go check out her book! It’s fantastic!




Petra Maras lives a charmed life, but only in the magical sense. Her absentee father is a
criminal, her mother is emotionally dead, and everyone at her new school knows
she comes from a family of witches. All she wants is to be normal, but that’s
impossible, given her family. And given that she’s psychic. When the police
request help with a murder investigation, Petra reluctantly agrees. Which isn’t
such a good idea since the prime suspect wants to date her, and she really wants
to say yes. Her gut says he’s innocent, but since she can’t get a read on him,
she can’t know for sure. And when she discovers he’s been keeping secrets, she
wonders if maybe she’s been following her heart instead of her head…

Find Sara at

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