Review, Another by Yukito Ayatsuji


Another is an interesting and creepy read, and hopefully just the beginning of the release of Japanese Light Novels.

Volume 1 follows Sakakibari, a transfer student with some physiological health issues. He joins Third Year Class 3, and immediately learns that there is something different about this class; a curse which results in multiple deaths of students and their families.

He befriends the strange Mei Misaki, who is ignored completely by her peers. Eventually he unravels the background of the curse and the steps being taken to avoid it, but the true nature of the curse is still a mystery.

Another vol. 1 is an interesting read, with lots of creepy mystery. It also showcases Japanese culture and is just one of many of Japan’s “Light Novels”. It’s a good, quick read, and I’ll be looking out for vol. 2.


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