Interview with D.S. Cahr and The Secret Root



About the Book

Sometimes time is not on your side, and 15 year-old Jared Garber is about to find that out the hard way. Without warning, the entire Garber family is ripped from their Kansas home, separated, and transported into a distant and perplexing future. Disconnected from everything he understands, Jared must quickly learn how and why he was taken from his prior life.

Back in Kansas, news of the Garber family disappearance has spread like wildfire. When Edie Boyd receives ominous notes in her school locker that ask difficult questions about the nature of time, she just knows they have to be about the Garbers. But when she and her friend Meg investigate they are sent to a time when their own families believe them dead, their friends are all adults, and the world has been radically transformed.

Stuck in a time that is most definitely not their own, they can’t just click their heels three times to return home. Instead, Edie and Meg are forced to make a dangerous journey across the country to confront the man who sent them into the future. Meanwhile, Jared must help Edie learn the truth about their world and come to terms with the frightening reality of who they really are.

With action in cyberspace and reality colliding through parallel worlds full of vibrant characters and thrilling suspense, The Secret Root by D.S. Cahr is a dramatic ride through mind-bending dimensions, wild technology and unfamiliar territory that stretches to the ends of time…and beyond.


What books/authors have inspired your choice to write Science Fiction?

That’s always a tough question – I’ve been a maniacal reader for as long as I can remember, and so many books and authors inspired me that you always worry that you’ll forget to mention one.  But I’m probably safe on the science fiction front if I mention some combination of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Neal Stephenson, Frederick Pohl and William Gibson.

 Explain the plot of your book in ten words or less.

Teens get lost in time, must find their way home. (Wow – that was hard!)

 If one song out there could define your book, what would it be?

I’ve played in bands since I was a teenager, so I love this question!  I don’t know if I could do one song, but I can probably narrow it down to three: “Dorothy at 40” by Cursive, “She Divines Water” by Camper Van Beethoven, and (to go back even further), “Home at Last” by Steely Dan.

 If you met your main character at a bar, how would you interact?

I would probably want to see her ID, since she’s not old enough to drink! But seriously, I’d want to give her a hand – it can’t be easy finding yourself in a future you didn’t earn, surrounded by friends that have grown into adults.  Like the rest of us, she needs to figure out her destiny; unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t have much time to do it.

If you could live in any literary universe, which would it be?

Like any rational person I would probably choose Harry Potter’s world, but only if I could avoid being a muggle.

 Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Totally a pantser! I’m always surprised when I see where the story takes me.  I try to outline, but the characters generally disagree with my plans.  I do know where the series is going, but the journey is always shifting (just like those staircases at Hogwarts!)

How has writing changed your life?

It’s funny, writing hasn’t changed my life because I’ve always been writing, and it’s difficult to imagine life without it.  I remember writing my first stories in 6th grade (which were comically terrible) and the feelings I had back then are still the ones I have today – that getting words on paper is necessary, important and personally fulfilling.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Keep trying, and don’t get discouraged.  Even something “fun” such as writing is actually a lot of work – and like anything worthwhile you need to practice, persevere and then practice some more.  The stories of rejection that every author experiences are all potential learning experiences, so don’t let that stop you.  If you create something that even one person enjoys it was all worth it.


About the Author

 D.S. Cahr has been a bass player, a music journalist, an intellectual property attorney, a blogger, a literature major, and the type of person who dresses up in movie accurate costumes for Star Wars conventions.  More importantly, he is currently hard at work on the next book in the Mesh Chronicles.



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