Indie Services Freebies! MS Evaluation

Hey all.

I recently decided to add some more features to Burning Tree. Beyond author interviews, cover reveals, and promotion, I wanted to expand Burning Tree into more of a resource for Indie authors.

The first is a new bookstore showcasing awesome Indie and Indie pub books. This (I hope) will continually expand to be a way to find books on Kindle/Amazon that are well-written, professional, and enjoyable. If you want to nominate a book for the shop, please leave a note in the comments. Self-promotion is absolutely okay.


The second is copyediting and Manuscript Evaluation services. As a copyeditor, I offer a 1000 word free trial before accepting a project, so that you can be assured that we’re compatible. I’m also looking for more copyeditors to join in to provide quality editing services for affordable prices.

For Manuscript Evaluation, you receive a full report on whether or not your book is “ready” to be published/submitted. This report will focus on a variety of book elements, including character development, plot, and grammar.


To get all of this started, I’m looking for some “guinea pigs.” So here’s the deal: I am offering three free Manuscript Evaluations in exchange for thoughts on the process. I’m hoping to create an affordable way for an Indie writer to get an in-depth opinion on how ready their book is for the “shelves.”


If you’re interested, please email me at with a blurb on your MS, as well as the complete file as a .doc .docx or .pdf attachment. The first three inquiries will receive a free evaluation!


Spread the news to anyone you know who might be in need of such a service, and if you’re a freelance editor, I’d love to hear from you too if you’d like to play a part!


Thanks all, keep writing!